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So, who do you turn to with not enough time at home to cook, and a desire to eat fresh, tasty, good for you food? I turned to Freshology. After all it seems that most of Hollywood is eating from them, why not a girl from Central NY…Their website,, offers 6 different options, 5 of which are only available in Southern California. For the rest of the country, they do offer one option, Get Slim. So with the New Year ahead of me, and the same resolution as every year to eat healthier, I call.  Figuring that it would be easier to order the month at the outset, I decided on the 28 day program.  Because it was January, Freshology was offering a deal – $39.99/day and free shipping (which is not to say free handling!).  The cost for the 28 days was $1243.32.  Credit card number memorized and now in their hands, I anxiously wait for the first box.  After all, this would be the best food I have gotten in the mail…ever!

Freshology only ships Nationally 2X/week.  Therefore, depending on the day that you order, it could be as much as a week and a half before your order arrives.  The box shipped on a Monday, and by Wednesday it was at my door.   I eagerly opened the box to get a swift dose of reality.  1300 calories is not a lot of food!

I hear you…tell us already…is it worth it?  The answer…maybe. 

As with most restaurants, some of the meals are well thought out and the flavors work, and some not so much.  The good news is that as the menu is new for 45 days, there is no duplication.  This of course is only for whole meals.  In the 28 days that I have been on the program, there have indeed been repeats.  As I sit writing this, I am eating the second piece of cheesecake I have received.  This piece, about 1.5x 3 x 0.75 inches in size is one of the best cheesecake I have eaten.  It is creamy, with a rich Oreo type cookie base.  The flavor is slightly chocolate with vanilla undertones.  Other highlights include the tomato sauce with the chicken cattiatore, the couscous, and the soups (both that I received). 

Most of the sauces with the meats are overly oily with minimal flavor.  The good part is they come on the side in cute little containers, easy to not use if you don’t like the flavor. 

The salad dressings are mixed.  Some have robust flavors, like the Ceaser and pesto dressings (both I am sad to not get more of!), and others are more bland in nature, like the balsamic vinaigrette and the yellow dressing (I don’t think the name was listed on the package). 

The bottom line: If you are looking for never frozen, healthy, balanced, and calorie controlled meals, that rotate and are easy to prepare, then this program is for you.  You receive full nutritional information on each day broken down by meal, so if you really want to mix and match based on you mood, you know how much of what you ate for the day.  The calorie count is low enough for most that you could add a few healthy snacks to supplement the food of the day.  In my case, I used protein shakes to curb my appetite and help with recovery after my workouts. 

If you eat out as much as I do, the cost really isn’t over the top.  This program is definitely worth a try!

~ by vet1999 on February 3, 2010.

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