School Picture Day

School picture day (just like Halloween, Christmas and everyone’s birthday…which I am never prepared for ether) happens every year…you would think I would get on outfit for my DS earlier in the year.  Take some leisurely time to ensure that it fits properly and schedule a hair cut the week before…all so my DS is ready for his big day.  Well…in this family, I am not that Mother (although I wish I was!).  School picture day was today.  So what actually happened:  ran to get his hair cut Saturday (thankful for Sports Clips!) after which we spent a crazy morning at the mall trying on pants, shirts and sweaters.  Finally right before DS snapping point we pull a whole outfit together (as well as a bonus “holiday” outfit).  But DS takes after me, and we are no where near done.  What’s left?  Picture a leg with a 23 inch inseam in pants that only come in 30…Here is how I hem my DS pants (works for dress pants as well.

Some ground rules for all of the technique posts.  These are how I have either learned to do it, or how I figured out how to do it through trial and error.  I will try my best to be complete to my process.  I will also mention safety issues as they arise.  I may not remember everything!  Please be careful and think about safety every time you begin a project.  🙂

DS pants before:


Just a few inches to remove…(like 7 3/4).  First thing is to measure where the pants should be hemmed.


I like to make them a little on the longer side.  Where they are hemmed is totally up to you.  After I pin them, he can finally get out of them.  This process is like pulling teeth.  (Hopefully easier in your house.)  After he removes them, I measure how much I think I should remove.


And this is the point in the process I LOVE.  Each leg is different no matter how carefully that I measure while they are on.  So for this pair, one leg was 7 3/4 and the other 8 1/2.  After (and don’t forget this step, as I typically do), turn the pants inside out before you repin and iron the bottom.  The next pics clearly illustrate, I forgot this step.  It isn’t crucial, but makes the folding easier.  Then as the jeans had the stitching at 1/2 inch, I like to cut at 1 inch, and then fold in half.  At that point repin and iron again.


After you iron it lays nice and flat and is MUCH easier to sew.  Now move to the machine (or sew by hand if you want).  I always use a tester piece of fabric (preferably the same fabric of what you are really sewing) to ensure that all of my settings and tension are correct.  This is a great time to make sure that the length of the stitch is what you want.  The top is the stitching on the pants, the bottom are my testers.  I was not running out for a different shade of yellow thread…I picked the middle setting.


If you can see, mine has a 1/2 inch measure.  This makes it easier to follow and have a consistent hem line. It also has auto lock stitch.  If not, go back and forth a little before going around the hem.


Then, if he isn’t totally blowing me off, I have him test the final product.  As you can see, so much better shorter.  Couldn’t convince him to put shoes back on.  Oh well.  Then  I take and sew the strings on the outside of the hem to the inside and cut them.  Finished Jeans!

So we made it through another school picture day.  Now I know you may be asking yourself, how are jeans a great upgrade for picture day.  Most days, my DS doesn’t come out of sweats.  Black sweats, and black sweat shorts…this is a major upgrade!  I am happy.  Now to finish the holiday outfit.  Not dress, but another step up to khakis.  One of these days I might actually get him in a suit.  Something to look forward to!


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