Girls’ Night Out

How better to spend a Wednesday than to spend it with some great women!  Yea hump day!

This week we found ourselves at a bar/restaurant at the junction of Rt. 571 and Rt. 33 in Hightstown, NJ named Tavern On The Lake ( Image

Like all good girls’ night out protocols, we began the evening with a drink at the bar.  2 margaritas, 2 cranberry and vodka.  What can one say about a cranberry and vodka.  It is cranberry juice and vodka…boring.  The new drink I learned after my margarita however, was an eyeopener.  Now it may not be new to some people, but I have never heard of it before: a Green Tea.  But let me back up a little….

So to have a tavern on a lake…you need a lake.  This one is very quaint and peaceful.


There is a free public parking lot right next door.  The restaurant itself is what in most circles would be considered a dive bar.  Don’t let that stop you.

The bartenders were awesome.  Extremely attentive and great at suggesting new drinks to try.  Mine for the night was a green tea.  This is made with whiskey, peach schnapps, sour mix and sprite.  And for me, it did taste exactly like green tea.  I would recommend it highly, but it isn’t for lightweights!


After the last of our party arrived, we sat for dinner.  Although it is burger night, we ordered across the menu.  Starting with spinach and artichoke dip served in a homemade bread bowl and pretzels with cheese dip.


These were really tasty.  The pretzels are fried.  Yup…I said fried.  Fried dough…brilliant!  They are paired with a cheese dip that is overpowered with bacon flavor.  But it works.  I would have loved these for dessert with powered sugar instead of the salt.  The spinach dip is made fresh in house. It is lightly seasoned with garlic and is great with the bread bowl.  The bread is made fresh and has a lightly crispy crust that is just delightful.

The burgers are huge.  Huge and delicious.  Paired with home made fries that are perfectly cooked.  And did I mention, only $5.75?!?  Wow!


Wow!  This alone would be totally worth the trip.  But it doesn’t end there.  The Orecchiette Gamberi features home made pasta and a light pecorino cheese sauce.  It is paired with fresh shrimp.  These were slightly over cooked, but no fishy old seafood or Clorox flavor (and boy have I had both in the past!). $18.00, but was easily 3 meals.  I had the left overs the next day cold.  It was even better… Other items ordered were the pan roasted salmon, caprese salad, fish soup (zuppa de pesce), and french onion soup.  All tasty and well prepared.  For dessert, we were served a bread pudding and tiramisu.  (There was a birthday in the party.)

Did I mention that it was karaoke night?  Well…5 girls, a few drinks and karaoke.  I will leave you with your imagination about how that went!

In the end, I can’t wait to go back.  Check them out!

~ by vet1999 on October 10, 2013.

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