My Favorite Toy…

I have a new favorite toy.  I had wanted one of these for a very long time.  This summer, after a small bonus from work, I broke down and bought it.  A Silhouette Cameo.  This little sucker is better than I had even thought and I am in love.  Like all love affairs, it has its ups and downs…This week was a definite win. 

Here she is…couldn’t resist blinging her out with a little Hello Kitty.  Makes me smile.


So my DS had a birthday this week.  My parents decided that he needed an ipad.  Although I was convinced that he needed to earn enough money to purchase another one, I was over-ruled by my Grandparent rule.  Should have thought about the implications of the rule before DH and I decided it would be a good idea.  The rule: Grandparents can do anything or give anything to our DS as they please.  As he is an only grandson they have, we wanted to allow them to spoil him rotten if they wanted to. Yeah…got burned this time…See DS has been “saving” for a new ipad for the past year.  How much has he saved you ask; $30.  Yup all year, and he has only saved $30 of an $700 bill.  Yup at that rate, I will finish paying for college before he saved enough (and not because he didn’t have any opportunities to save, but because he cannot stop spending, Lego’s mostly).   I digress.  So my parents buy him an ipad.  His father and I decided that he should have a really good case this time.  The downside to all of the “good” cases, you know the ones, dust proof, shock proof, water resistant, are boringly black (or pink.  I was really close to getting him that one.  I was outvoted.).  So we bought the black.  I decided to add a little fun touch.  Decided to add his favorite character to the back.  HULK.  So one of the cool Facebook groups I am a member of had a neat Hulk file.  Here is what I did. 


Isn’t that large.  ~2 inches, but as you can see, the back of the case wasn’t as ameable to a decal as I thought it would be.  Here is how I did it.  I will go into more details of the steps in future posts, but here is the gist.

First I use the Silhouette Delux software.  After importing the .svg file, it can be traced and cut lines made.


This design had 3 colors.  I used Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl.  One at a time the pieces are cut.

Once cut, I cut down the vinyl to have minimum waste.  Then the piece is weeded to remove the extra vinyl leaving the piece.


Then begin placement process.  I for the first layer I didn’t need a transfer sheet.  For the middle green, I used a transfer sheet.  This is a tacky sheet that allows you to peel the decal without moving the piece or having it curl up on itself.  For small things or intricate designs it is a must!


Key is to burnish each layer well, and let it sit for a few days before using.  It will stick better this way.  This is a preview (I will detail each of the steps in future projects, stay tuned). 


The gift was a huge hit, needless to say.  Both his and mine!

~ by vet1999 on October 16, 2013.

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