Family Night Out

This week’s restaurant is by no means a new or local place, but is one of our favorites (although I am still not 100% sure why, but drinking while playing video games seems to top my list of benefits): Dave & Busters (D&B).  So for those of you who haven’t checked out this funspot, I would recommend going.

D&B’s major premise is “eat, drink, play and watch sports” all in one place.  And that you can do.  I have been to 3 different locations, and can say they are all about the same.  The menu does change from time to time.  I have not understood the reasoning for when and what is eliminated and introduced, but in this new menu, there are some real highlights.

First new drinks (of course…the best part in my opinion)!


The Purple People Eater.  My new favorite drink.  It is a martini layered with Stolichnaya® Ohranj vodka, HPNOTIQ®, DeKuyper® Island Punch Pucker® and tart cranberry juice.  It is a tart grape soda.  Just awesome…

Banana Split
They blend Créme de Banana with white crème de cacao, a scoop of ice cream and Strawberry BACARDI® Premium Mixer.  Want dessert, want to play, want to do both…This is the perfect.  It tastes like a banana shake with chocolate sauce and strawberries.  Rich and creamy.  Who says you can’t have everything…

A little path to heaven is on the appetizer menu.  My DH and I discovered them and now we can’t get enough.  They are hot, lightly garlic with a little salty finish thanks to Parmesan cheese sprinkled on the top.  These little heavenly bites are the poppin’ potatoes. They serve them with a sweet and spicy ketchup.

IMG_2873 copy

For those who are food conscious, the menu has nutritional content for every dish.  I love this.  Not great with eating the poppers and a big plate of nachos, but awesome when I want to take the time to care!  Personally I love the light spicy rice.  The under 600 calorie menu, although is very short, is very good.

But my favorite part is the games.  All types of video games and an awards counter that caters to adults as well as kids.  With a million dollars played, you too could have enough tickets to get a game system, i pad, i pod, or high end electronics.  We are getting there…only about 900,000 shy…but we still have time…



(my favorite new game…)


~ by vet1999 on October 20, 2013.

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