Best Paints…EVER!

All I can say is that today work was all about fires that aren’t really fires…yet my stomach doesn’t know the difference.  So you can imagine how excited I was when I got home and found that I had a FedEx delivery waiting for me.  These day, the majority of my orders are craft/jewelry/fun stuff.  So I did a little happy dance and then opened the package.  It was the Pebeo paints that I had ordered. YEA!!!  Enough time to play with them before starting a project with them this weekend, and I’ll explain why.  But first a little background.

On a few of the bead and jewelry groups on Facebook that I follow, lately there have been a number discussions around a new paint from a French company: Pebeo.  These new paints have special properties that effect the way they appear as they dry and interact with other paints.  The con is that they are solvent based and can’t or shouldn’t be used with polymer clay, but with metal…gorgeous results!  Here is the packaging:



As I couldn’t decide on a color; there are 28 Prisme colors and 18 Moon colors to choose from.  So I decided to get the variety pack to start.  At around $20 per package, it is a great deal.  Purchased from Blick Art Studio, currently I also received a full sized bottle of sand color as well.

To start, I worked off a clean piece of copper.  I sectioned it off and instead of writing the long colors, I labeled each with a number for easier identification.


The paints are pretty easy to work with, however they need to be mixed extremely well.  There are many facets to the paints, and they settle to the bottom and sides of the package.  After mixing well, some still were not fully mixed well.  The other curious thing is that even though they all are labeled with the same volume, many of the paints were much more full than others.  This made mixing some of them quite a challenge (and a mess all over the bottle, my hands and the desk!).

I wanted to see the paints on their own and then mixed in different combinations.  These paints will react differently with different color mixes.  I can’t begin to describe how beautiful the colors are.  The pictures really do not do the colors justice.  As the days go and I shoot progress pics, I am going to try to capture the color better.  The awesome thing about these paints is what you start out with on Day 1 is not what the final product is.  What I am going to try to define for myself is if you can get any repeatable results over time.  So here is time 0:

IMG_2908    IMG_2909IMG_2913IMG_2926

IMG_2910 copy

As the next days go on, I will post updates to the progress of the paints.  I am super excited.  Here we go!

Here are a few resources that may be helpful if you decide to give these paints a try:



Magpie Gemstones’ Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers Facebook Group

Metal Color Techniques Facebook Group

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