Friday night at IKEA…Too bad we never got there.

I need a new desk like I need a hole in the head.  But when you can’t decide on only one craft/hobby/you name it, and you have a slight hording/buying habit (will write more on that later), and have a little extra room that is screaming for something in it; what do you do?  For me it is a trip to IKEA.  As the weekend was on track to be really busy, I decided that we (my DH, DS and I) would go down to Philly check out a new Italian restaurant and head to IKEA to buy me another desk (I already have 2 tables completely monopolized, so what’s one more…).  The first mistake is trying to get into Philly on a Friday night at 6…the second is that DS was complaining he wasn’t feeling great when we left the house, but he thought he could make it through.  So at 5:30 we pack into the car and head out.  to where, well, I forgot the name of the restaurant I saw in an article that for some reason Google decided to not show me again in the same search.  Turns to find out, mobile websites stink, and I was reading the same article, just the picture cues that I was looking for were different in the mobile version of the article.  So that set us behind by another 15 min.  So here it is 5:45, just heading out…not good.  Traffic…lots and lots of traffic.  For those of you who don’t live in or around Philly, the construction (like most big cities) is constant.  With the construction, merging traffic that takes 5 lanes and go to 2.  Add lots and lots of people…not good. 


So we finally make it to our restaurant at 6:45.  Usually I have found that if we can get to the restaurant at or before 6:30, there is a good chance we can get a table.  That might have been the case if it weren’t for trying to park in Philly.  The restaurant we chose only has street parking like the majority of establishments…and unfortunately the parking garage next to it has a height limit about 3 inches shorter than my DH’s SUV.  So now we start to circle.  There is nothing worse than trying to find a parking spot on streets that are too narrow, all one way and residential where at 6:30 people are home from work and there is NO STREET PARKING!  So we circle.  4 blocks away we find a public open parking lot.  Score, after circling 2x we get a space.  4 blocks isn’t much unless it is freezing out and DH has to go to the bathroom…next best step, find another restaurant.  Luckily, this parking lot was in the center of no less than 4 other restaurants.  So we spun around and chose.  The end result: Bridget Foy’s.  A local neighborhood bar and restaurant that stays family friendly and has really good food (and drinks!).  And to my shock at a little after 7, we sat right down (when we left, they were packed with a wait list).

First, what I liked is that the menu is not overly long.  Usually a great sign that they stick to what they do well.  For this restaurant, comfort food with little modern twists.  We started with the duck tacos.  I also ordered a drink: a sidecar.  But if you drink beer, this is the place for you.  The beer list is extensive.


This drink has a heavy lemon flavor, and is made with brandy and Cointreau.  We paired it with the BBQ duck tacos.  They are made with spicy ginger BBQ sauce, bean sprouts, and pickled veggies.  I love the pairing of BBQ and pickled veggies.  These were no disappointment.  I would personally like for there to be less dill in the veggies, but overall they pair well with the heavy fattiness of the duck.  I wouldn’t know it was duck if I hadn’t ordered it.  It would easily be substituted with beef.  Pork may not have the same fattiness that the duck has and have a different mouth feel.  They were 2 full sized tacos.  Next time this will be my dinner with a side of fries (which they serve with a choice of dips).  (Sorry no pic.  I was so hungry we started eating before I thought to get my camera out 🙂 )


For dinner DS had the cheeseburger on the kids menu, DH had the chicken pot pie, and I the short ribs.  The kids menu is interesting.  Just slightly gourmet for many kids, mine included.  Little touches like homemade mac and cheese, brioche on the grilled cheese, whole wheat pita pizza, and a homemade bun and cheddar for the cheeseburger, can leave some kids without a great choice.  I will say that the place had a ton of kids.  Which I love to see when DS is with us.  And it was a bar, so I get a little nervous for the restaurant part that they don’t want to see kids.

DS’s cheeseburger was great.  He didn’t eat any of it, but I would have eaten it in a heartbeat!  Perfectly cooked as ordered and juicy.  It wasn’t a premade patty and definitely made with fresh ground beef in the kitchen.  The bun was chewy and grilled on the inside.  The fries he choose to go with it (he could have had fruit or veggies…yeah right) were the rustic variety with the skin on, but not with too much of that bitter taste that sometimes comes with that.  We didn’t have any of the adult dips that the appetizer fries comes with, but these were great with ketchup. 



Doesn’t that just look great!  DH loves comfort food.  Me, not at all.  I should have been more careful when I ordered.  He had the pot pie.  It was good for pot pie.  It was baked in a cast iron dish and topped with puff pastry for the crust.  It also had a bottom puff pastry crust as well.  It was filled with large chunks of chicken and vegetables and had a great chicken gravy with lots of chicken flavor.



I had the short ribs.  Note to self: if the menu doesn’t say BBQ, or some iteration of other flavoring agent, then they are probably braised like pot roast.  I hate pot roast.  A lot.  Now if I was starving and it was the only food left, I would eat it.  To choose it when there are so many other great things to chose from…no way!  Well…I ordered pot roast.  I got suckered into the order as it came with mac and cheese and asparagus, and must have been stuck on the BBQ of the appetizer and was expecting BBQ short ribs.  Another thing, if the kitchen is used to preparing a meal one way, and you order something about it special, don’t always expect perfection.  I am not a fan of garlic on my green veggies.  So I asked to have the asparagus cooked without the garlic butter.  So they steamed them instead.  I said grease wasn’t my problem and they could cook with reg butter, but they came out raw.  Like really raw…I did eat them as I ordered them special, but raw…

The mac and cheese was really great.  Even though it had a bunch of gravy in it (it was below the ribs).  I could see ordering as a dinner (which they top with potato chips!), on a cold night that you need a warm hug from the inside (similar to Dunkin Donuts’ hot chocolate).  The short ribs were cooked perfectly.  The gravy was flavorful and if I did like pot roast, I could see really loving this meal.  Just the tacos were so much more my speed.



For dessert we split on what was ordered again.  In all we had the triple chocolate mousse cake,  dark chocolate torte with strawberry sauce and the apple crisp.  Of the 3, the only one I would order again is the dark chocolate torte.  This dessert should be illegal; it is that awesome.  Now, just a slight bit of criticism.  It is paired with a sweet strawberry sauce.  It would be even that much better with raspberry sauce, tart and sweet.  Their whipped cream is also homemade and perfect to accompany the dessert.  It is not overly sweetened and perfect consistency.  So often they break or are granular, this was perfect.


The apples in the crisp were good, but the crisp part was too much and way too dry.  Very difficult to eat.  The cake was okay.  Nothing special, nothing horrible.

I decided to try the hot toddy as well.  I typically do not like hot alcohol, but had to give this a shot.  I think it would have been good except it was luke warm.  Needed more cinnamon/spice and much, much hotter!



By the time we finished dinner it was 8:30.  There was no way we would have made it to IKEA and been able to get what I needed in addition to the fact that my DS looked like he was just holding on, so extremely full and happy, we headed home and off to bed.  Wish all new experiences were this delightful.  Go try them!


Word to the wise: don’t try to go to the bathroom after a few drinks.  It is up a narrow staircase tucked in the back of the bar.  Narrow and steep…and narrow…and steep…



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  1. all that sounds pretty freakin delicious.

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