Netted Bead Cord Tutorial


For me, there are few chord patterns that turn out as stunning as a netted pattern.  This is not a new pattern in any sense of the word.  There are many tutorials already available.  So why do another.  Simple.  It took me an hour to determine for a 4mm Swarovski bicone what beads create the best net.  So here is what I decided, and the outcome.  This can make a beautiful necklace or bracelet:

4mm Swarovski bicone color of your choice (I used light turquoise) (A)

Size 15/0 beads (I used Toho dark copper) (B)

Size 10/0 beads (I used Miyuki light topaz A/B) (C)


I used 6 pound firewire for the string, but you can use your favorite beading string for this.  If you use crystal that has sharp edges (i.e. Swarovski bicones), I would recommend a string that stand up to that kind of wear. 

To begin:


Pick up 1C, 1A, 1C, 1A, 1C, 1A.  This will give you 3 bicones (A) and 3 10/0 beads (C).

Go back through the last bicone (A) to create a circle.


Pull tight and go through a few times and tie off the trailing end.


Go through until you are coming out of the 10/0 and you are ready to begin the netting.  At this point is is good to think about how you are going to finish the ends off.  I used a netting in decreasing width to create a cone to go into a cone that I then attached to the findings with wire.  You could just as easily used string in this shape to attach to the finding.  I will go over the technique I used. 

Begin the netting by picking up 3B, 1C, 3B beads:


This will be the pattern for the rest of the cord.  Skip the next bicone and go into the near side of the next 10/0 bead on the cord:


Repeat.  Pick up 3B, 1C, 3B beads, skip the bicone and go into the next 10/0 (C) on this level. 

Repeat.  Pick up 3B, 1C, 3B beads, skip the bicone and go into the last 10/0 (C) on this level.  It should look like this:


Go through the next 3 15/0 beads (B) and come out the 10/0 bead (C):


Pick up 1 A bead and go into the next 10/0 bead (C).  Repeat 2 more times so this level has 3 total A beads:


This completes 1 round of the pattern. To continue begin again.  Pick up 3B, 1C, 3B and go into the next C on the cord.  Repeat 2 more times and then go through the next 3 B beads and the C to come out the far side of the C.  Begin the bicone layer again.  Repeat until your desired length. 


To finish the ends in a cone shape, here is the pattern.  Before working the length of the cord, I backtracked coming out the same way through a C bead


The first round was 3B, 1C, 3B and in the C bead on the cord.  Repeat 2 more times. 


Go through the 3 B and 1C and come out the C.  Then instead of picking up a bicone, I used 3B beads and went in the next C on the cord.  Repeat 2 more times. 


Go through the following B and C beads coming out the C.  This round pick up 2B, 1C, 2B beads.  Go though the B and C beads coming out the C


Pick up 2B beads and go in the C on the cord.  Repeat 2 more times.  Go in the B and C and come out the C


This round pick up 1B, 1C, 1B.  Go to the next C and come out that C.  Pick up 1 B and  go back in the next C.  Repeat 2 more times to complete the circle.  Go through the circle a few times. 


Work your way back to the other end of the cord to begin working on the length. 


When you have made the desired length finish the other end in the same decreasing pattern.  For this size cord, I used 9.5mm diameter cone (8.5mm length).  A deeper cone would have worked equally as well.  Alternatively, no cone and an attachment to the finding itself would be as pretty. 


Please leave me any comments or questions.  Enjoy the final product.  I paired with a wire wrapped ceramic bead for a complementary pendant!  This is available in my ETSY store




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