Day Off?

I took today off from my primary job to spend some time with my primary passion, and a new business does need time and attention.


I wanted more traffic and make more jewelry to sell.  So here I am.  I was so sick yesterday that I could barely get off the couch.  Although feeling better today, the day didn’t start of as intended.  Then I found a Challenge/Blog Hop that just screamed my name and I have been caught up the rest of the day.


I found COLOURlovers.  What is COLOURlovers?  Just the best website ever!


So the challenge that I accepted is hosted thanks to Erin at Treasures Found.

The challenge is to use a color palate already created on COLOURlovers or create a palate using a circular logic word link.  (These color palates are some that I originally attempted today.)


From the selected color palate, create something.  The hop will be on December 2nd.  Stay tuned to see what colors I choose and the resulting creation.  Should be great fun!  Come and join me.  4th annual Challenge of Color

~ by vet1999 on November 4, 2013.

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