Seeking Muse

Ever since a few weeks ago when I wasn’t feeling well, I haven’t felt like doing anything.  Almost as bad as the time I had mono, but not quite.  Unfortunately during that time my creativity went into full slump as well.  With so many deadlines coming close to due, it was getting worse by the minute.  Now I don’t know about you, but the more stressed I get, the less I feel like doing anything.  It is sorta like I shut down (which is kinda funny since I thrive on last minute deadlines…or so I used to).  These last few weeks have been brutal.  Then last week I was visiting a beading group with a friend and I heard about the Innovative Bead Expo this weekend in NJ. 


So this morning I woke up early (ugg!), trekked across the state and went to the show; desperately seeking a muse.  I was way underwhelmed once I got there (soon to change, but read on).  After paying my $3 (thanks to the dollar off coupon from the website) to get in (should have been a tip-off), I went in.  I could have thrown a stone across the room and missed the last vendor.  It was so small.  Then I reminded myself that I should be happy, the crowds would be small, little chaos and I could really take my time, look and not get overwhelmed.  So I started. 


The first booth was owned by a charming lady artist of Splendid Loon Studios.  She hand crafts porcelain beads in her studio.  They are remarkable.  Fun, bright colors and very earthy designs.  I was starting to get excited.  We had a wonderful discussion about my time vacationing in Maine and I felt bad for not buying what I wanted at the start.  I wanted to do one big round before starting to buy so I could know exactly what was around.  But I would be back!  Jump ahead to my last booth of the day.  What a wonderful way to end my shopping then back at the booth that started to excite me in the first place.  Here are the wonderful beads I purchased.


I think out of all of the booths, I bought something from only those who would engage in a smile and a hello.  It amazes me how many people manning tables do not make eye contact, and one guy I said hi to directly while he was looking directly at me and didn’t say a word!  Really?!? 

The druzies at the next table I purchased from (and actually one that made me break my look around first rule) was at Land of Crystals.Image

Aren’t they gorgeous!  They are going to be super fun!

Another shop that caught my attention was Momminia.  My heavens they have to die for gemstone beads! Image

From $2.00 hematite to-2,000 opals, they had just about a little of everything! 

Not to be outdone by the following shops either!








By the end, I had only spent 2 hours there, but oh my heavens found my muse.  For the first time in weeks, I was excited to get home and start creating.  After all, I have a blog hop in a few days; back to crafting!


So if you are ever stumped and your creativity is slumping, get out, go look at others works and your creative juices will start to flow again.  Leave me a comment how you get yourself out of a creative slump or how you find you muse.


~ by vet1999 on November 16, 2013.

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  1. So good you found your muse again. Loving your blog by the way. Very cozy.

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