Do Over Chalenge: Reveal

Jeannie at Whee! The People has this totally cool blog hop challenge…”Do Over”.  After signing up, she sends out a piece that she had created in the past and the challenge is to reinvent the piece.  You can receive a necklace or bracelet.  Being me…I signed up for 2!  One is never enough…of anything!

1 necklace:


And 1 bracelet:


It hurt (literally…I stabbed my finger with the wire and it was sore for 3 days, ugg), but I tore them apart.  I was left with the components.


Looking at these components, I was stumped for a bit.  Sometimes it is hard to not see what it came from instead of where is it going.  After deciding that I tend to love and gravitate toward silver, I decided to take that out of the picture and relook at the components.  And then it came to me.

The necklace:

One of the biggest restraints I placed on myself for this challenge was to NOT buy anything to complete the makeovers.  For me…that is HUGE!  The pearls had such a delicate look to them along with the smokey labradorite reminded me of a delicate chunky (love the dichotomy of those statements) necklace with a satin/silk band.  So I went to my piles and pulled everything that went together.  Ok…maybe not everything!Redo 5

And so the necklace was created.  I love the way it turned out.

Redo 1 Redo 2Redo 3 Redo 4

So then I turned to the bracelet…green glass pearls in a color I don’t have a bunch of…and that seemingly go better with gold…which again I don’t have much of.  Man I love a challenge.  I resisted the urge to go Christmasy…That was tough…then I remembered a wood chip pendant I purchased not too long ago.  And I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  With a little bead embroidery, some polymer clay fun (although the resin is still not the funnest thing to do…I can not stand to wait for it to dry!).  Pulled it all together and I am in love:

Redo 6 photo 7Redo 9Redo 8Redo 7Redo 10

To say I am excited for the next challenge is an understatement!  This was so much fun.  Come join me next time, but for this round, please check out all of the other talented artists on their blogs found at Whee! The People! and all of the links below.

Interested in either of these pieces, find them at my Etsy Shop

Challenge participants:

Jeannie K Dukic


Judy Campbell

Veralynne Malone

Christine Murrow

Shai Williams

Lola Surwillo

Christina Hickman

Katrina Taylor (You’re Here)

Becky Pancake

Roxanne Mendoza

Charlene Jacka

Inge von Roos

Mary Govaars

Penny Houghton

Beti Horvath

Ginger Davis-Allman

Molly Alexander

Linda Britt

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15 Responses to “Do Over Chalenge: Reveal”

  1. OMG, what stunning pieces! I can’t say which is my favorite. I love the first one for it “chunkyness” if that’s a word. Would play with it all day to have a look at all the beads incorporated. And I LOVE the pendant in the second one. Great work!

  2. The pieces you made are so wild and exuberant. I love the lushness of the multistrand necklace and how funky is your bead embroidered piece. Wow!

  3. I’m in love. You had me at multi-strand necklace. That’s great we can use beads from our own stash. I know when I made my necklace for this challenge I DID pull out ALL my stash. 🙂
    That second necklace is so lady-like. Wear to a tea with friends.

    I love your enthusiasm and thank you so much for participating. Looking forward to the next one

  4. Wow! You really changed the flavor of both these pieces! the pendant in the second is fabulous! and I love the look of the first necklace!

  5. Wow, your redo is wonderful. I especially love the multi strand necklace with the ribbon. Really pretty and different.

  6. Well your pieces certainly don’t look like the originals. I adore the second one. Good job Katrina. ( Your blog sure has a cute name.)

  7. My goodness you’re an original designer! You didn’t just have a Do Over, you went beyond and created something entirely new and with a completely different character. And you didn’t buy anything for this? Oh my, your stash must be a sight to behold, LOL. You lucky girl!

  8. Oh my goodness – so much eye candy! I love the multi-strand necklace with all of those elements that go together so well, and I am drooling over the wood chip pendant necklace – so beautiful!

  9. What a transformation in both pieces- your work is truly amazing! You’ve done a phenomenal job of creating two unique and beautiful works of wearable art. Christie

  10. Katrina, those turned out great. Love the silk/ribbon with the first piece and all the layers and texture. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the BSBP

  11. Wow! Both necklaces are incredible and so different from the originals. You really made them your own.

  12. Your first necklace is amazing — I love it!

  13. OK…now those are necklaces!!!! That first one just screams bold, bold, bold, while the second one whispers lady, lady, lady. Excellent job!

  14. I love both pieces! Truly works of art! (Sorry if I commented twice.)

  15. I especially love the earrings you fashioned. Great use of all the soup.

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