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As I sit down to write this, I am awed over a few things tonight.  The first is that I cannot believe that it is the end of May already, the second is that it seems to rain every time I try to sit on my deck in front of the fire, and the last is how great a wonderful night with my family actually is.  I digress…the Blog Hop that I am participating in from Lisa at A Grateful Artist – Pine Ridge Treasures is Ocean themed.  This isn’t my first Hop with Lisa, but I am still in awe of her creativity and organization to get all of the ideas for these Hops as well as the organization!  Hats off.  🙂

To recap, I received a few pieces of sea glass, some beads and some cute silver colored findings from Lisa a little while ago. The theme of this Hop was Ocean.  And these beautiful monotones of blue can really put you on the beach!  I loved the fact that there were differing shades and tones of blue.  From a translucent blue-green of the sea glass to a deep ocean water blue of some of the beads.  I was set!IMG_3159

Until I sat down to create something.  Then I don’t know what happened.  I lost all of the spark.  So I did what anyone would do in the face of no inspiration, a pressing deadline and no time to work…I procrastinated some more and started looking at Pintrest.  I am a sucker for Pintrest…but searching for “Ocean”  helped…a little.  So I decided to go to my table and start playing with clay.  Nothing can make you fee better than some time playing with clay.  that is until you get a brick that is completely dry, then I just want to scream.


A little while later I had this set:

ocean 4

Not a bad start…next came this set:

ocean 32

Now we are getting somewhere…so over time they became

ocean 8ocean 33 ocean 3ocean 6  ocean 20 ocean 19  ocean 31 ocean 30

I really like the idea of an asymmetrical necklace with the clasp as a focal piece.  In each of the pieces for this hop, that is what I was going for.  So although in these 2 necklaces, I have used the sea glass and 1 set of the beads, there was still a ton more that Lisa had sent.  I have toyed with a multi-strand seed bead necklace for years.  They are so labor intensive that I typically lose interest long before they are finished.   This time, I decided it would be a bracelet instead.  Yup…that didn’t happen.  Oh well.. One of these days I am going to make that.  For now, I am in love with this mock multistrand necklace using the silver colored pieces in the kit:

ocean 14 ocean 10

3 pieces and I still had a ton of other beads.  This is where time and ideas has left me

ocean 5

As from a previous post, I love the look of netted cord.  Those beautiful large clear crystal beads were just screaming to be framed.  The pictures do not do these crystals proud.  They are stunning.  I am thinking a series of 3 bracelets.  Just have to finish the clasps and assemble all of the parts.  They should be stunning!


Thank you for taking some time on your Saturday morning (or whenever you have visited :)) and I hope you enjoyed these pieces.  Please check out all of the exceptional work from the other artists below!





Ocean Blog Hop May 31st Reveal:

Your hostess: Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist

Christie Searle Murrow, Charis Designs Jewelry

Kim Dworak, Cianci Blue

Marybeth Rich, A Few Words from within the Pines

Karin Grosset Grange, Ginkgo et Coquelicot

Candida Elkins Castleberry, Spun Sugar Beadworks

Veralynne Malone, Designed by Vera

Monique Urquhart, A Half-Baked Notion

Katrina Taylor, I Wanna Go Out (You Are Here!)

Mary Ann Macri Jacobs, Trucksville Crafts

Jeanne Steck, Gems by Jeanne Marie

Ann Schroeder, Bead Love

Kathleen Breeding, 99 Bottles of Beads on the Wall

Marianne Baxter, Simply Seablime Jewelry

Terri Wlaschin, Dances in Fog

Margaret Pelech, Margaret Pelech’s Ocean Blog

Jo-Ann Woolverton, It’s a Beadiful Creation

Kathy Zeigler Lindemer, Bay Moon Design

Heather Richter, Desert Jewelry Designs

Andrea Glick-Zenith, ZenithJade Creations


The beautiful cultured seaglass for this hop is from ZnetShows.  Check out their awesome selection! ZnetShows Cultured Seaglass

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19 Responses to “Ocean Blog Hop”

  1. Amazing necklaces, when you play with clay, it is something! The blue necklace is absolutely fantastic and the netted bracelets will be perfect additions to any summer outfit!

  2. Simply stunning jewellery! Love and bubbles, PT xxx http://www.pinktankscuba.com

  3. Wow, I really love your pieces. Especially those two asymmetrical necklaces with your clay. You sure know a beautiful way out of your creative block!

  4. I love your pieces and the clay beads you made to go with them. Everything is just beautiful! Weaving those crystals into netted bracelets is a great idea. They just glow don’t they?

  5. Those are beautiful, and I love the two sets of beads you made. I especially love the necklace that incorporates the pink, and the alternating shapes in the blues.

  6. I agree, Katrina, playing with the clay always results in some pleasant surprises 🙂 I love how you combined your own beads with your inspirations kits… love the woven pieces, also 🙂

  7. Wow these are great designs. I love the ocean wave beads of clay. I also really like how you incorporated so many techniques.

  8. You made wonderful beads and they all came together beautifully. I also really like the bracelets you are working on. Nice job!

  9. Love the addition of the your clay beads. They really sparked your creativity!

  10. Beautiful pieces, Katrina! Your clay beads are really pretty. The netted bracelets are super nifty. So glad you could be in the hop!

  11. Ha ha. I know exactly that scream you are talking about with clay. Primordal and deep. what a lovely collection and clever integration of your pieces with the hop pieces. Loving the asymmetry too. Sorry for the late comments. Computer problems (wild beast scream in a canyon echoing from peak to peak). Please stop on by – my post is up now.

  12. So gorgeous. I love the one with the fish.

  13. Beautiful designs! I love the assymetrical pieces and the way you incorporated your own clay! The netted bracelets are great too!

  14. Awesome job! These are stunning! Soup-er.

  15. love your creations

  16. Gorgeous work! I love all the pieces! It would be hard to choose just one!

  17. Gorgeous work! I love all the pieces! It would be hard to choose just one!

  18. I think you got your inspiration/spark/muse back. These are some wonderful pieces and I love your clay swirl lentil beads with the other pieces. Very pretty.

  19. Your polymer clay necklaces are beautiful as are the 3 beaded bracelets to be.

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