I Love Clay Blog Hop Fun

•December 7, 2013 • 11 Comments

Lisa at A Grateful Artist – Pine Ridge Treasures hosted the “I Love Clay Blog Hop”.  I was so excited to get in on the tail end of this fun hop.  A few days after signing up, I received these wonderfully adorable clay beads from Lisa.


Then I spent the next weeks staring at them.  Funny thing about not picking out a piece is that inspiration doesn’t always spring into the mix.  Although I loved the focal, man I was stumped.  So I dug out my seed beads, and then it hit me.  I had these pink beads from a bracelet that I made for a friend a few years ago, and some blue beads I had for a holiday project.  And I was hooked.


I know, another bead stitching project…well, it didn’t start out that way, but I didn’t have much time to play with metal settings and making chains, so another beading project it was.  Wonderful part about beads, I can do it anywhere.  That is why I find it so much fun.  Like the crochet I used to do in college (and yes, in class…much to the chagrin of my classmates, although I did ask the professors first, and I was passing without problems.  Funny thing about vet students is that they can be very picky about their learning environments.)  I digress.  I can take a beading project to my chair and watch tv with my husband and continue to work.  Can’t do that with metal.

So here are the finished projects.  I did break apart the beads into 2 projects, with different feels.  This started off as a blog about the most fun pair of earrings I had made.  It turned out to then be one of the most frustrating pair of earrings I have made and I have a 20g sized hole in my finger to prove it.




I really hope you enjoy these projects.  If so, they are available at my etsy store: katrinataylorjewelry.etsy.com.

Check out the wonderful other participants in this really cool Blog Hop.  Hope you have fun!  I know I have.

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4th Annual Challenge of Color: Reveal

•December 2, 2013 • 23 Comments

Erin at “Treasures Found” on November 4th issued the 4th annual Challenge of Color.  This year we could choose a preexisting color palate from Colorlovers.com or to create another one with circular name logic.  Loving a challenge…I opted for the later.  Here is my palate:


I named it “King of Thrones” based on the color’s names:

grey dragon’s kitche

Kitch kitchen

Kitchen wall

walled in

filling in the greys

This project came together in phases.  I wanted to make something for my Aunt for her birthday, looking at the palate I created fit in with her birthstone, so the next logical step was to use this project for the challenge.  I started with a necklace:


I had a beautiful citrine druzy.  This was the focal point of the pendant.  Even though it was a bead, I wanted to embroider around it.  In trying to figure out how to bead in the hole, I broke it off…figures…so I improvised.  After starring at it for an hour, all I could see was the rising sun.  Inspiration is born for the piece (in progress…).


Add some fringe and place with the necklace:Image

Yikes! Something isn’t right.  I couldn’t put my finger on it until I threw another project I was working on on my table.  Then it all came together:


Leave me a comment, let me know what you think. Did I get it right, or should I have kept it with the citrine and turquoise necklace? 

Love it?  It and others are still available at my Etsy store.  Happy shopping.  Free shipping from now until 12/25/2013 with the code “BLOGHOP”.  

Check out all of the other great entries at Treasures Found.

The Art Bead Scene November Challenge

•November 29, 2013 • 2 Comments

On this Black Friday morning, I want to take a minute to say thank you to all of the men and women who spent Thanksgiving working to support and defend our country.  We cannot thank you enough.

The November challenge for Art Bead Scene was this painting by Paul Cézanne, titled: Basket of Apples.  You can read more about the painting here.  Click the photo for the original post with the color blocking at Art Bead Scene.


It was an interesting painting for me to interpret.  It didn’t really speak to me.  The positioning of the fruit and the color pallet however, I love.  Something about the off balance of the table and the fruit, the tilt to the wine bottle and how neatly the cookies are stacked in the corner gives the looker a sense of off balance.  I am unnerved as I look at the painting.  Like I want to reach out to catch the fruit.  So how does that translate…well for me not literally.  Here is the final piece…


I liked the idea of a slightly off kilter piece with the feeling of free fall.  These were hollow polymer clay beads that I constructed using a mokume gane technique and a flower background stamp.  The bicone bead was a mixture of the clay used in the layers of the other 2 beads.  Here is a close-up.


Hope you enjoy!  Come back on Monday for the Treasures Found 4th Annual Challenge of Color Blog Hop.

Hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for so many things and none so much as my family and friends.  You all are a close 3rd!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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Seeking Muse

•November 16, 2013 • 1 Comment

Ever since a few weeks ago when I wasn’t feeling well, I haven’t felt like doing anything.  Almost as bad as the time I had mono, but not quite.  Unfortunately during that time my creativity went into full slump as well.  With so many deadlines coming close to due, it was getting worse by the minute.  Now I don’t know about you, but the more stressed I get, the less I feel like doing anything.  It is sorta like I shut down (which is kinda funny since I thrive on last minute deadlines…or so I used to).  These last few weeks have been brutal.  Then last week I was visiting a beading group with a friend and I heard about the Innovative Bead Expo this weekend in NJ. 


So this morning I woke up early (ugg!), trekked across the state and went to the show; desperately seeking a muse.  I was way underwhelmed once I got there (soon to change, but read on).  After paying my $3 (thanks to the dollar off coupon from the website) to get in (should have been a tip-off), I went in.  I could have thrown a stone across the room and missed the last vendor.  It was so small.  Then I reminded myself that I should be happy, the crowds would be small, little chaos and I could really take my time, look and not get overwhelmed.  So I started. 


The first booth was owned by a charming lady artist of Splendid Loon Studios.  She hand crafts porcelain beads in her studio.  They are remarkable.  Fun, bright colors and very earthy designs.  I was starting to get excited.  We had a wonderful discussion about my time vacationing in Maine and I felt bad for not buying what I wanted at the start.  I wanted to do one big round before starting to buy so I could know exactly what was around.  But I would be back!  Jump ahead to my last booth of the day.  What a wonderful way to end my shopping then back at the booth that started to excite me in the first place.  Here are the wonderful beads I purchased.


I think out of all of the booths, I bought something from only those who would engage in a smile and a hello.  It amazes me how many people manning tables do not make eye contact, and one guy I said hi to directly while he was looking directly at me and didn’t say a word!  Really?!? 

The druzies at the next table I purchased from (and actually one that made me break my look around first rule) was at Land of Crystals.Image

Aren’t they gorgeous!  They are going to be super fun!

Another shop that caught my attention was Momminia.  My heavens they have to die for gemstone beads! Image

From $2.00 hematite to-2,000 opals, they had just about a little of everything! 

Not to be outdone by the following shops either!








By the end, I had only spent 2 hours there, but oh my heavens found my muse.  For the first time in weeks, I was excited to get home and start creating.  After all, I have a blog hop in a few days; back to crafting!


So if you are ever stumped and your creativity is slumping, get out, go look at others works and your creative juices will start to flow again.  Leave me a comment how you get yourself out of a creative slump or how you find you muse.


Saturday Trip with the Family

•November 11, 2013 • Leave a Comment

What can one say about Lambertville, NJ.  If you have never been there, picture a small town with narrow streets that are lines with shop after shop creating what would be a perfect afternoon out if you could actually find a place to park.  Lambertville is across the Delaware River from New Hope, PA.  The exact same type of town except more shops, more people and less parking.


So when I discovered that there was a bead store located in Lambertville, I was excited to go check it out.  What I didn’t expect was that my DH would have any interest at all in joining me.  Not that I mind him tagging along, but since looking through shops especially bead stores, and that DS would be tagging along too, meant that I would have approximately 5 minutes in the store before the “are we done yets” come out.

Lambertville is about a half hour from where we live.  We left right before lunch so we were really looking for somewhere to eat as soon as we got there.  Fate was with us and after circling twice, we actually found a parking spot right in front of Lambertville Station restaurant and a few shops down from the store we came to see.  Streets have metered parking so I was disappointed when this one didn’t work.  Hoping that there is some internal sensor that traffic enforcement could prove we paid, I put the money in the meter and we were off.

I won’t mention the store name, but after a short discussion with the owner that I was surprised that she wasn’t listed under beads, craft, or anything else that one could find the store, she replied with how long they had been in business so they were such a secret as I made them sound.  I won’t be going back.  Almost walked out without what I had chosen, but my neighbor’s birthday party was that night, and I still had to make the necklace/earrings that I was going to give her, so we pressed on.  Love the attitude in small towns!

So on to the best part (if you could call it that): LUNCH!

As we went to the store first, we were really hungry now.  Deciding that Lambertville Station was right there, and we had heard good things, we decided to try it out.  An absolutely gorgeous autumn day, we opted to sit outside.

This place definitely has beautiful fall views!



DH and I decided to start with soup.  It just seemed fitting to the day.  DS…well…not quite into that.

I had the french onion soup and DH the lobster and crab chowder.


The french onion soup was interesting.  The soup itself was very light in color for a beef based broth.  I think that it was either a vegetable or chicken stock as the base.  It didn’t have that deep flavor that a beef broth/stock would have.  It was okay.  It didn’t have any depth and wasn’t as satisfying as this soup should be.


The bisque was also just okay.  It did have an entire claw of lobster in the soup.  Nice touch.  But missing something…sherry maybe?  The crackers were okay as well.

I was excited for lunch.  I ordered their specialty burger.  It is billed as:

“24 day dry aged chuck, brisket and short ribs ground together to create a perfect burger; coupled with house, smoked Swiss and grilled apples”


So I was really surprised when it was dry.  Really dry.  And overcooked.  I ordered med-rare and it was well.  The fries were half over cooked and half undercooked and the burger like the soups was one note.  It needed more acid than these apples in their semi-cooked state could provide.  Cheddar would have been a better selection to top this burger and a sauce of some kind.  Dry, boring and one-note.  😦

DH had the fish and chips and DS the kids burger.  Both meals were okay, but just that.


DS wanted to go next door for ice cream, DH is a sucker for creme brulee, so we had to order since it was on the menu.


Although cooked to perfection, smooth and creamy with a perfect sugar crust, it was like eating a stick of butter it was so thick.

I went next door for ice cream with DS…

The perfect ending to the night was the b-day party for our neighbor.  Sitting around the fire with good friends sharing a drink has to be the best way to spend a beautiful fall day.

And I can’t leave before showing what the day of so-sos got me:


Bolder opal, silk and argentium silver; worth it?  Leave me a comment.

Veterans Day: THANK YOU!

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I wanted to say Thank You to all of our Veterans today, especially my Father-in-Law and Brother-in-Law.  We realize that Freedom isn’t Free and appreciate everything that you have done to support and defend our country so we can be. 


A big thank you to all of the active military, POW, MIA and all who have served and their families today and every day of the year.  You are in our hearts and prayers.


Day Off?

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I took today off from my primary job to spend some time with my primary passion, and a new business does need time and attention.


I wanted more traffic and make more jewelry to sell.  So here I am.  I was so sick yesterday that I could barely get off the couch.  Although feeling better today, the day didn’t start of as intended.  Then I found a Challenge/Blog Hop that just screamed my name and I have been caught up the rest of the day.


I found COLOURlovers.  What is COLOURlovers?  Just the best website ever!


So the challenge that I accepted is hosted thanks to Erin at Treasures Found.

The challenge is to use a color palate already created on COLOURlovers or create a palate using a circular logic word link.  (These color palates are some that I originally attempted today.)


From the selected color palate, create something.  The hop will be on December 2nd.  Stay tuned to see what colors I choose and the resulting creation.  Should be great fun!  Come and join me.  4th annual Challenge of Color

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