I am a mother, wife, daughter, niece and veterinarian. And, I love to eat out. My Mom and I ate out almost every night as I grew up. I have such great memories of the time that we spent together. Now, my husband and I still go out all the time. It has gotten a little more difficult since I had my son (who is now 5, and not into fine dining…YET!), although armed with a Nintendo DS (Christmas gift) and a babysitter from Heaven, we can still enjoy our time in restaurants (and not just Chuck E Cheese!). Although my Mom and I spent almost every night split between 2 restaurants in Rome, NY, I love to try new restaurants. I love to try new foods. I love to cook, but between studying for speciality boards, moving to a new state through work, training for my next triathlon and spending time with my family, I don’t have any time or energy to cook, so we eat out even more.

Every Friday night, I come home from work and proclaim “Is the babysitter here yet? I wanna go out!”  This blog is to share all of our experiences eating at restaurants that we will frequent.  For now in Central NY, then off to Princeton/Yardley.  Stay tuned!

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